Monday, June 1, 2015

They got baptized!!!!

First off just got to thank everyone for all the prayers, fasting, temple pray roll, whatever you guys did cuz it worked. Man this week was so hard at first and we didn't think it was going to happen and then we saw such a miracle! We had a lesson with them and went super hard on baptism and everything changed. They all of a sudden we keeping appointments and preparing for us, walking to church for lessons and even dressing up, taking notes in lessons and asking great questions, they were even playing a weird game quizzing each other on the commandments when we were done. It was incredible the change they had. Every commandment we taught even the ones they broke they questioned it for 5 seconds then were super committed to live it. Even the dad who has been a punk the whole time has really softened up. But for sure all this happened from the help of all of you so thanks so much. Their lives have been blessed a ton by them. Man the baptism was super spiritual too! The talks were super powerful and the ordinance as well, they really felt it. I love the spirit we could do nothing without him ha. Now we really think the dad will want to get baptized. We will findout tonight but you could tell he really felt it. We also had another super spiritual experience giving a blessing to a PM family that cant commit to being baptized. But now she admits she knows its true it is just a matter of her wanting to live the gospel. Good thing we have the book of Mormon to help people change :) Everything else in the week was great as well. Our people getting baptized in june still look good. We found a super dope family that came to church as well. All is super good basically ill just sum it up like that. We had a great lesson with the ward sunday as well on missionary work. The ex stake pres came and did it with us and it was great. We are going to get the ward on fire soon I feel it. But ya things are incredible as always ha. Thanks for all your help. Now keep the Fuentes family, Morones family, Fermin, De La Garze family and Cerda family in your prayers. We need to baptize them this month. Thanks for the help!!! Love ya'll

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