Monday, June 8, 2015

Man another week down! In like 10 days I hit my year mark...super scary that its halfway over. This next year I got a ton of work to do! This week was great but it had its ups and downs. First off we had some missionaries come and stay with us and they gave us flees. I didn't even know that was a thing I just thought dogs could get them. They haven't been very bad or anything but they have kids by the 8000 so we have been working on getting rid of them. I hate bugs ha. This week we had tons of activities as a ward. We had an FHE, mutual, and a movie Saturday. It was great that this one family that we found a couple weeks ago came to all of them and have a couple strong friends now! It is wonderful I love them so much and they have been doing great. We have had like a million investigators and it has been hard so this week we had to drop tons of them and really focus on the ones that have the best potential to be baptized this month. It is super hard and it takes a lot of faith but it had to be done. Also, lots of stuff has been going on in our ward and it is not in the great shape that is used to be. We talked to lots of members and it is sad the condition some people are in now. There is a ton of work to do! But we are working with the leaders to start the change in the other direction and in time this ward will be the best in the mission! We had a young couple in the ward get married last Saturday in the templo. It was so awesome to see their happiness! It was super trunky to go over and hangout at their new place together ha. But ya that was great to see. This week we have had a ton of members come by and drop off massive amounts of food! It has been awesome we don't know what is going on but someone must have said something. Anyway our house is overflowing with food ha. But it is great it really makes us feel wonderful. So challenge for this week. Pick a family in need and just go get them a bunch of stuff randomly. Or get a box of pizza and take it to the elders. Anything like that just do it. I know it will make them feel incredible and you as well! But ya everything is going great! There is tons and tons to do but we are excited. Love the mish it has been the greatest year and this one is only going to be better! Love you all and have a wonderful week

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