Monday, June 15, 2015

Como estan?

Man this week was wonderful! Monday I got a little heat stroke or dehydrated idk it was crazy tho. I was workin these guys in ball and the courts outside then my body just shut down. Summer is here :) ha. We had Zone conference this week and so we got to hear from president. He is incredible I absolutely love that man. He talked a ton on faith and how faith is action. You can measure someones faith by the actions they have. For us our faith on finding and helping people take the step of baptism is directly connected to our obedience. If we follow all the rules we have more faith. Its a super important principle to learn especially in life. If we keep the commandments and serve others we have more faith that God will take care of us in life. So do all the little things and serve! This week we have really been focused on a family the Morones family and soon to be the mormones. They are great I love them so much but they need some help to take the step of baptism. So we are asking for help again we really need it. Please pray for them and put their names in every temple and if you would like a fast would be incredible. We will be doing one on sunday for them. We had a miracle this week too. There is a family that got baptized in January but the wife didn't. Well we have been focusing on baptism for her for awhile like every other missionary had and she has been super tough. Lots of tears have been shed. Well we recently had the opportunity to give her a blessing and she felt the spirit super strong and we also had a great plan of salvation lesson and she realized why baptism is so important. Then we did an object lesson and she could see that she was way behind her family and needed to catch up so they could be sealed. Well she is getting baptized this weekend! Man all the missionaries who have taught her were freaking out ha. We are all very excited and thankful for the spirit ha. We can do nothing without him. We also just started teaching another part member family and things look great to help them be baptized and work towards the temple as well. They are the Serrato family keep them in your prayers too please. But ya things are incredible here. I am super sad I am probably leaving here in a couple weeks. I really want to find and baptize an entire family, its the dream. But for now I am satisfied on helping complete families :) it is such a big blessing and ill be able to go to the temple with them cuz I will be home! Anyways ya everything is incredible. I hope everyone is happy and getting closer to the savior. Remember to do the little things and to always serve others, that's how we grow our happiness. Love you all tho! Byeeee

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