Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey whats up :)
Alrighty I will just hop into the week. To start off we had a baptism!!! Man this one brought an incredible feeling. The family got baptized in January and she has been worked on ever since. But we had some miracles from the spirit and she has a ton of faith and went for it. It was wonderful I cannot wait to go to the temple with them! Our other families are doing ok. Well one is amazing and another not so much. So the Serrato family are doing wonderful. They keep all their commitments and talked to the bishop themselves about getting married. That doesn't happen here ha. So we will be doing that then baptizing them (hopefully I am here!). The Morones family has really been backpeddling. They do wonderful in the lessons they are super smart and things make sense but they just don't leave their house. They even read and pray everynight. But ya getting them to go somewhere is impossible. And they are legal too that isn't the problem. But we told them we are only having lessons in the church now if they want to keep going so we will see what happens. I am scared I don't want to lose them. We lso got a few more but those are our focuses. I hit my year mark this last week...nombre I am old. I hate being an old missionary I loved the feeling of being young. Looking back tho I have learned so much it is incredible and I cant stop I got a ton more to learn this next year then it is over. I should probably start actually working now....ha. This week tho we had a mini mission as a ward. It was super fun we brought most the youth out with us each day to work. They loved it and we had a good time. They want to do it everyday now ha. We also had a really fun fathers day activity this week it was good. Happy fathers day to you all I hope it was good and you got to relax for a day. But ya things are just peachy here. Its hurricane season so things are starting to get a bit crazy. We get random moments of insanely hard rain and things like that. Hopefully everything will be ok I just got 12 more months! I hope all is going well like they are here. Make sure your always happy (its a decision)! Love you all

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