Monday, June 29, 2015

Alrighty well another week and transfer down. I am now going on to my 9th out of 16. Super crazy right. I just got called as a district leader and dont know where i am going but i am definitely out. I am so excited tho to just get caught up in helping these other missioneries and forgetting about myself. It is going to be a blast. I have no idea what i am doing but i am just going into it with a good attitude and we will see what happens ha. Also this week we had another baptism :) the lady we baptized last week it was her daughter. She felt the spirit at the baptism and has wonderful desires so we were able to help her take that step. She is wonderful i love that family so much. They just go forward on pure faith it is wonderful. Super sad that i am leaving right now but i am happy for them. We also had stake conference this weekend it was great! They talked so much about families and reading, praying, and doing family home evening. Those things are always so stressed by our leaders they are incredibly important. Also they talked about serving others. MAn that is something i have really grown with recently. This transfer i was able to forget myself to much more and forcus on blessing others all the time. IT is incredible how much more fulfilled i feel and how much happier i am. I have such a strong testimony that as we forget aboiut ourselves and focus on others than we will be blessed so much as well as the other people. ITs like becoming a district leader how to you focus on other elders and their areas and still have success in yours? Honestly it is impossible. But i know that as i do it God will bless my area, comp, and me so much more than i could have done by myself. I know that it is true and i cant wait to get lost even more in service. I love you all so much and i wish everyone could have this experience. But i know that as you give unselfish service to others even when we fell like we ourselves have so many needs, God will bless us and we will be able to overcome our needs even better. I invite you all to try living that principle and after the "trial of your faith" I promise you will see the little miracles in your lives. Have a great week and go help someone else!

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  1. hola!!! lindsay :-) estoy segura que usted será un exelente lider Dios lo bendiga #loextrañamosmucho #