Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey hey hey!
Well another transfer and I am out of brown town. I am now in Mission and I am in a bike area. My new comps name is elder birrell and he is from Nebraska. He is super cool I love him a ton and he is the funniest kid I have ever met ha. Him and this other kid elder canfield that I live with are ridiculous there is never a serious moment ha. Also I am a DL now and I got a district of 4 elders and 4 sister. My first time working with sisters but I lucked out they are super cool. It has been really fun to help them out and guide them. It is crazy there is only 1 elder older than me aand everone else is younger. I am getting so old out here ha. But ya it has been great I love it. Being on a bike is tuff its the largest bike area in the mission and everything is spread out. We ride many miles a day its annoying how much time we waste but ya. Hopefully I lose some weight :) We are in an English ward too which is alright. Spanish ward is super fun I love speaking Spanish so hopefully I will speak it with my white comp (ya right). But ya things are going great. Sorry I have no pictures we forgot the cord but there is this super cool guy in our ward, literally the coolest man I have ever met, and he lives in like a safari zoo. He has camels and zebras and a zipline over a little lake and the most amazing pool ever. It is my dream house man its incredible. We had a ward party there it was the best. But ya I am just living it up down here going with it trying to figure things out. We will see what happens ha. Love you all have a great week!

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