Monday, July 13, 2015

Hey como estan?
Hope everyone had a solid week mine was incredible. I am loving being a district leader it is the best. My peeps are so cool all of them and we are really tight. This week we had an unreal amount of success they are working super hard and I have just been super happy because of it. That really has been the highlight of my week just how incredible everyone did. We have lots of good things happening but we need lots of miracles as well. Can you all pray for and put in the temple Cielo Garcia, Jerry Juanita and Miguel Redline, Leslie and Juliana, and Daniel Longoria. Thanks we need a miracle like last time. Honestly they really have been working and I know it will again! Thanks for all the help :) But ya not too much that happened this week. We had interviews with pres and that was incredible as always. I love having a man who receives super specific revelation for you and is there to help you. He is proud of me but I got lots to work on so that's good :) anyway ya sorry about that but ill send some pics. Enjoy and love you all!

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