Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey ya'lls!
So ya another week down its crazy. Things are going good tho. Summer is finally here it is above 100 everyday it is awful being on bikes. This is how it should be till October tho so I better suck it up. I really do love it it is just not ideal, a car is much more practical ha. We had a miracle this week it was awesome. So these two girls were going to get baptized this weekend but one of them her mom told her she was crazy and all this and told her she cant do it. So the elders and I sent up to see her. We talked for awhile and ended up getting her support as well as a great meal :) it was awesome. The best part tho was watching the spirit soften her heart. I literally saw it happening as we talked it was incredible I love having God on our side ha. But ya it was a definite testimony builder. I interviewed her the next day and she said her mom and her talked and she told her things that she had never heard from her mom before. It was just great. They both got baptized and it was awesome. I also did my first baptismal interviews and they are the best! They are so spiritual and people really open up to you. I had 3 this week so ya it was a good week. But ya things are good just riding around and enjoying the heat :) I hope everyone is enjoying there summer I cant believe it is almost over! Live it up and enjoy it while you can. But I love you all and please keep Cielo Garcia in your prayers! Thanks love ya

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