Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey whats up ya'lls!
So another good week in the bag and month for that matter. I now only have 10 months left... what the heck has happened. I cant believe all this the real world will be here in a bit. I really am not too excited for that. I have gotten super weird on my mission getting back will be tough ha. Looks like everyone is doing good tho. The twins are super tall now dang. They have grown a lot. But ya so this week was pretty smooth. We have been with our recent converts a lot. Its funny they don't get the missionary things so they always invite us to go see movies and stuff and want us to just hangout for hours with them. Its funny and they hate all of our rules but ya. The dad will be baptized 2 weeks after he quits smoking and he is super determined. Sunday was his first day off and he was chompin on Big Red like crazy and he was super on edge. He is hilarious tho he reminds me so much of Kaylen I love it. He is a mechanic and is from Arkansas so he is all hick. He is the coolest guy they are a great family. Their confirmation was super spiritual too and they had great experiences so that was cool. But ya everything down here is going great. I got no complaints im just livin it up while I still can. I hope the real world is treating everyone good too! Love you all and have a great week :) 

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