Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey hey :)
Man I had a super good week this week! It was the last of the transfer so it was really sad but we had a great time. It was my first time as a district leader but it was incredible! We grew so so close together and we did everything together it was awesome. We grew a ton together and had lots of success. It couldn't have gone any better it honestly couldnt have. Hopefully we will get to stick together I will find out tonight. Transfers are tough! But ya nothing too crazy happened this week. We have a ton of people who are getting baptized this month so we have been working hard! Also we are trying to find the people who will be ready for next month. That's how it is we help the people get baptized and prepare and look for the people for next month. It is a ton of work but it is great I love it. On Saturday our ward did a service project for this lady we are teaching. Her yard was TERRIBLE I cant begin to describe what it was like tho. We had lots of peeps there tho and we knocked it out it was great. She was super happy! The guy we are baptizing this weekend was in charge of it and he is the greatest I wish you could neet him. He always has tons of energy and he shares the gospel more than anyone I have met. Literally with everyone. He always is like "watchout they will get ya. This stuff is no joke its powerful. You listen to them and you gon be getting wet." Haha he is a hick from Arkansas so that should help draw a picture. But ya I am absolutely just living the dream. I cant imagine anything better right now. But I hope all at home is good and everyone is happy. If your not its a decision so change it! Ha but I love you all and have a great week. Pray I don't get transferred! 

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