Monday, August 17, 2015

Hey :)

So i ended up getting moved. I did a one and done in Mission pretty sad. I definitely didnt see it coming. So I am now up here in downtown Corpus Christi in a super white english ward. It is super weird I feel like i am in Utah at church and I miss spanish a ton. Any remotely brown person I see i try to talk spanish with them. Hopefully I wont lose too much up here. I also got blind sided as a one and done as a district leader and got called as a new zone leader up here in Corpus. My new comp is Elder Colton Nielson from Utah. He goes home in 5 weeks (I am killing him). This is my first time with an oldie like this so it will be great. Just gotta keep him focused :) But ya i was super sad to lose my district. I absolutely loved them so much it was tough but i had the most epic time has a DL. It was a big district and we were super close and had a ton of success and miracles and we all grew a ton together and ya it couldnt have been any more perfect. I definitely have no complaints. ZL has been fun we have 20 in our zone which is pretty big. They are great tho the only thing i dont like is everyone is really spread out and miles is a struggle so we cant do a ton together. But ya things are going great and I am just jumping in going hard. This week I have met a lot of cool members and we have a couple really cool investigators too. I love getting to know new people its really fun.  We are off to a meeting right now till thursday afternoon. Its a big one that we have every three months i am super excited to go. But ya thats whats going on. Lot of change but i am having a great time as always. I am super excited to be able to help these people up here and as well having more sheep to take care of. It is a huge blessing to be used as a tool in the hands of the lord. I love it it is the greatest feeling ever. I love my Savior so much and serving him is the greatest opportunity. It has brought me so much happiness and I still have lots of time left even tho I know it will go fast. But I love you all and I know you can have this same joy as you serve others and share the gospel. Make sure you dont get too lost in the world and you stay focused on your purpose here in life. As you fulfill that God will pour out his spirit upon you and bless your life. Keep on truckin :)

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