Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey que dicen!

Como estan todos! Hopefully you all had great weeks. Mine was definitely one of my favorites of the mission. So Monday thru Thursday we had this meeting called 3 day. All of the leaders in the mission meet up and from 8-4 for 3 days we receive/give trainings. I cant begin to describe how incredible it was. The spirit was unreal and I learned so much. I cant wait to have like 4 more of them the rest of my mission I feel like I have been missing out for the whole 1st year. But ya it was wonderful. We talked a ton about having goals and planning and he did it on setting goals for your future spouse and then making plans to be worthy of her, finding her, etc... It was super trunky but we all loved it. Pres always talks about choosing an incredible spouse. It is definitely the most important decision we make. But It was great to see all my bros in the mission too. I got to work with one of my zls that I lived with for all 3 days it was super fun. We got back thursday night super late then ya. Things as a ZL is are crazy. We have so much that we have to do. Our zone is the weakest in the mission and we are here to change it. It has been a lot of work but it is super cool to see the Lord use you as tools in his hands to overcome things. That was something that was really stressed at the meeting. There are always problems in life and things we have to do. Everyone wants a way to overcome them but really it doesnt matter. Study it out in your mind and look for revelation from God. Then pick a way (make a plan) to overcome it and go. President always says "there are a million ways to climb a mountain. Just pick one." It doesnt matter what way it is what matters is that we execute it with diligence and as we put our faith in the Lord he will make up for what we cant do. I know that this principle is true. I have seen it a million times on my mission. We are so weak by ourselves but God loves us and as we trust in him he will overcome our weaknesses. I love you all so much. Sorry this is a short one. I just learned tons of incredible eternal principles this week...thats all haha. But have a great week and remember to rely on your Savior for everything. He already atoned for you so use that power and help he is waiting to give you. Have a great week!

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