Monday, September 28, 2015

Well hello everyone!
Hope ya'll had a good week. Our was pretty nuts! So i got my new comp Elder Thompson from Alpine. He is a funny kid. He is very different and I love him for it he is awesome. Also this week was very hectic. We worked like 8 hours in our area cuz we were so bust flying around going to help other missionaries with things. It was definitely the most hectic week of my mission. It was super fun tho we got a lot done and saw a tone of miracles with the other missionaries so it was definitely worth it. Lets see what is noteworthy...We are in the process of completely re organizing our apartment! It is great i love it it just takes time which we dont have so we are stuck in the middle of it. We got to go out to the island which was really fun and gorgeous. We had stake coordination which is just the stake pres, mission pres, and us so that was awesome! We had a super good zone meeting as well. We are going through a tough spot as a zone but it helped them get out of it so hopefully they go work hard now. We also got some new super cool people to teach. They love us and one family is already cooking for us so thats a good sign. Things are going super good with the work. Also we got a big island kid who played high school ball so its fun to go at it with him. I get very prideful when it comes to sports but he hasnt beat me yet haha. But ya things are going good. I cant believe Grandma Lindsay passed away tho that is so crazy. I have lost two grandmas in two weeks. I know they are both very happy now and that it was good for them to pass. I love them and cant wait to see them again. I know it is just a short period of time till we will all be together forever. I love her a ton tho as well as Grandpa Lindsay. I have been so lucky to have their love and support in my life. But I hope everyone has a great week and please keep Grandpa Lindsay and the Ferrin family in your prayers. They are much needed. Take care!

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