Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey peoples what up :)
Well I had a super super good week for sure. Monday we went to the aquarium here it was cool. There was a dolphin show that was awesome! We had a really good zone meeting which helped everyone out a lot. We had a training where we used all the gross food in our fridge. We mixed it all in a bowl and made them search for things in it. It was nasty haha but super fun. And our fridge looks great! What else was note worthy...o ya psh how could i forget. The 4 of us in the apartment we each ate a scorpion pepper!!! It is the second hottest pepper in the world. The top is a carolina reeper and then the scorpion. It recked us super hard haha i ate like 3/4 of a gallon of ice cream cuz it just killed. I was the only one that didnt puke but my stomach killed. One of them almost had to go to the hospital it was crazy! Our president always says "dont do stupid things..." we have repented ha. The other thing that has been interesting is killing my comp. He flies home wednesday! But we had been going to the members saying by all week and talking about his plans for after the mish and all that. It is super weird to think about but he is now gone in mcallen and is chillin till he goes home. I get my new comp tomorrow so i am anxious for that. I am hoping this DL gets called up to be my comp he is a hilarious little dude from mexico but we shall see. Transfers are never fun but i am excited to see what happens. Anyway things are going great. This week will be crazy trying to run around and help all the new people out and we have a lot of potential baptisms so making sure those get taken care of and power cleaning our apartment and im sure a bunch of other things will pop up. We are always busy with something but i love it a ton i really do. I am great tho super happy and love the pura chamba. Anyway i hope everyone enjoyed their week and has fun this one as well. Love you all take care!

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