Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey peeps!
Is everyone excited for Thanksgiving!? Hope so. We honestly dont really know what we are going to go do. Almost our entire ward is leaving town. Everyone is between 20-40 years old so they all go home for the holidays. There are only a few families staying but we are doing a turkey bowl and eating at those couple members houses so that will be fun. We will probably go around and carol too or something like that all day haha. It will be great! This last week was awesome tho we got to go to 3 day which is a 3 day meeting of the leadership. It is always amazing and we learned so much! Our pres is such a giant and is just a well seasoned man of god ha. One thing i liked is about completely losing yourself in serving others. I felt that i had lost myself and i have but i can go more. Instead of thinking i must change this to help others we must remove the thinking of myself part. It seems crazy but he promised that that little difference brings such big changes so i am so excited to see the difference. It was great to see all the bros too and hangout with them. We had lots of fun and working down in the valley was a nice change. I got to see a couple of my converts too which was so awesome! They are doing great :) i love them a ton. We also had an amazing zone meeting this last week. It was our best one i feel. The spirit was super strong and taught us what we must do and it was really fun too. We also had one of our most blessed days ever. I think it was the most miracles i had received in one day ha it was so fun! But ya the mission is a dream ha. It definitely can be hard but the lord loves and supports us so much. Its amazing how making the decision to not let your circumstances determine your mood or what you do. But if you just choose to be happy and have the best day the lord blesses you and you do. We are creators of circumstance not creatures of it. But ya that was my week. Hope you all had fun and make sure you pound on thanksgiving. There is nothing better than a thanksgiving food coma ha. Enjoy love you all!

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