Monday, November 30, 2015

Well this week was awesome! We had some really fun things happen. I went on an exchange with some peeps and we got to go to eat with a family on the naval base up here that was super cool. Also thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a turkey bowl and i got to play football. It was super fun taking a bunch of old men to school ha. I hadnt played football in years i loved it. I am still sore tho from it ha. It is super pathetic how out of shape i have gotten out here ha. But eating was amazing too. Not to be racist but white people rock ha. So last year we had 6 meal appointments and each one just shoved food down your throat it was terrible! Up here we had like 5 but they just let us eat a little and were super understanding ha. We even got deviled eggs! It was a great day ha. Also we have the coolest kid we are teaching. He is getting baptized in a couple weeks but he is wonderful. He has been in seminary for 1.5 years and has read the entire D&C. He loves the gospel and learning more and he is just a boss. He just reached out to us this week it was an absolute miracle! But we talked with him after church and he wants to go work with us everyday and he has a brand new jeep ha. We also talked to him about the youth in our ward that arent as strong as him and he wants to help us out. This kid isnt even a member yet! It is amazing and we are going to have him baptize his whole family! We are super excited. But ya everything is going wonderful and we can listen to christmas music now! We have been bumping to my boy micheal buble all week. I love that man. Anyway ya thats a quick update. Life is great and i love this time of year :) I love you all too i hope you use this time to serve others. Have fun and just go do some weird crazy service. Nothing else brings more happiness! But i love you all have a great week :) muah

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