Monday, March 21, 2016

Howdy :) 

Well this week has been super good! We have had zone conferences so we have been going all over the place. This last week the mission didn't do good and so we ran around to meet all of the leaders and see what is up. It was super good to find out everything going on and we were able to prepare super well for each conference. It has been incredible! By far the best zone conferences I remember. President has been going really hard and so have the other leaders and everyone is starting to understand now so things will improve. But it has been super fun to see everyone in the mish. I love all of the people here they are the best! But Ya thats basically been our week. Driving all over having zone conferences and doing exchanges. Its been crazy but super fun. On the way back to McAllen yesterday we wrote a song in the car. It is actually really good we like love it and cant stop singing it ha. So we will be doing that on our final conference. My comp and I have been singing at each conference to help us get over our fears. It is helping but I still dont like it. My comp Elder Ivey is doing wonderful. He is a really awesome kid I love him a lot and we are having so much fun together! But ya thats about it for this week :)
On a more spiritual note a big focus this week has been the importance of love and thats what we have been teaching. The difference between love the noun and love the verb. Or in spanish amar vs. amor. Real love is show through action and you can really feel someones love based on their actions. We all must be motivated by love and if we are we will do so much more than we could before. Christ was only able to go through the atonement because of that perfect love that he had for us. If not there is no way it ever would have happened. We must all have that love and if we dont, pray for it and serve others as an action of faith. Anyway I love you all so much and hope you have another great week in the cold ha. Take care! 

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