Monday, March 14, 2016

Hey whats up peoples :)

I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was super nuts. We just started a new transfer and so we were doing a ton to get that all ready. We got a new batch of greenies and it was super fun to welcome them to the mission and everything. One elder came before everyone else so we pretended that I was the greenie and it wasnt till we got to presidents house that they figured it out. It was super fun tho to get to know all of them and help them get settled in. It took me back to my greenie days and I am super excited for them. They have no idea what they are getting into ha but it is the greatest! Then we had the training meetings to do and transfers and it was super fun. We had to prepare everything and it couldnt have gone any more perfect. Well maybe a little bit but it went super smooth and it felt great to get everyone out to their new areas and working again. Then we had the dead missionary party which was super fun. It was really sad to see them going home...but they all did great and will be awesome people back home. The airport is a crazy experience tho. Then we just went back to work. Yesterday we had a zone conference with a couple zones and it went incredibly well! We all learned a ton and know how to be better. We also had lots of fun and got to do a 20 minute relaxation exercise so that was legit. My companion and I are working on overcoming our fear of singing in front of others so we sang. It went really good but we were both pretty scared. Fears are such a dumb thing ha. But ya thats whats been going on with us. We also are teaching some really great people! This one family is doing incredibly well. They are reading, coming to english class, love us coming over, and have a sincere desire to be baptized. She is having her a son on tuesday so putting their name in the temple would be super cool. Its Eric and Damaris Vasquez. But ya life is great. We got lots of work to do it will be a crazy month but thats what makes serving so wonderful. We just bless the lives of everyone around us :) But I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 

P.S. Sorry I have no comp is really into video logs and we cant send those. Sorry i'll repent ;)

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