Monday, March 7, 2016

Whats up fam!

Well this week has been wonderful! I have definitely learned a ton and have a different perspective on things now. This week hasnt had too many highlights so far but we had our leadership meeting like we do the beginning of each month and it was incredible! As a mission we had our highest goal that we have had in awhile and we didnt do as good as normal. We all came to the meeting very humble and repentant looking for inspiration and he gave it to us very straight forward and taught us a very cool principle. He talked about how we need to learn to make the best decision all the time. We are great missionaries and we do lots of good things but we cant just be good, we must be the best missionaries doing the best things all the time. Everyday we have a million choices that we have to make. And we can make a variety from worst, bad, good, best and many others in between. Then he hit us with a big one. "Where do good people go? Good people go to the Terrestial Kingdom. It is not good enough to just be a good person and make good decisions. The Celestial Kingdom is for the great people, the ones who learn to always chose the best decisions." He said something along those lines but in spanish and more eloquent and with tons of power and authority! He talked so much about our character and how we must be the best people. It was really cool. Now with all of my decisions I think "what is the Celestial law here? Am I making the Celestial choice or the Terrestial choice?" I know that his life is all about decisions. We can say so much and make excuses all day and talked about how hard things are, etc... But in the end it all boils down to making decisions. We need to develope a character like Christs which obviously takes time and lots of repentance haha. But understand this has changed my decisions so much! It is super cool as you stop and make that decision with the spirit on what is the best decision. We have seen lots of miracles and I know that as we continue to do our best and always choose the best choice, the Celestial choice, We will be so blessed and the spirit will be so much stronger with us. I have already felt it. I invite you all to try it. To ask yourselves multiple times a day "what is the celestial choice here?" I promise you will feel the spirit pat you on the back and guide your through your life. I also know that the Lord will bless you for trying your best and you will see many more little miracles in your lives. I love you all so much and I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you will do it so you can have and feel the same change that we are having. I love you all a lot have a great week and remember to make the Celestial choice, not the Terrestial and especially not the Telestial! Ha take care

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