Monday, February 22, 2016

Wow this week has been nuts! It was incredible though. So on monday we went bowling with one of the zones here and it was awesome. The Lord blessed us a lot cuz me and my comp did really good ha. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we went on an exchange with three different zones. It was crazy we were flying around but it was super fun. I love going on exchanges you always see so many miracles and its fun to be able to bless peoples lives 1 on 1. Anyways then friday was INSANE! We had to move a ton of missionaries, take some peeps to the airport, do some mid transfer exchanges, and fix some things. It was really crazy but super fun. We love going around and doing things for the missionaries its the best. Then just this morning we had a surprise mission reunion. Elder Corbridge came and gave us such a great training! He basically talked about two things. 1) Conversion and 2) How to teach. It was awesome because it was just so simply put. He really raised all of our visions and he really helped me see clearer what my purpose is as a missionary. He talked to us what we want to do out here on our missions. The answered I had is that I just want to do what the Lord wants from me. So I loved receiving a clearer vision of what that is so I can apply it everyday! But he is a stud and it was really neat to get to know him for a bit. Anyway it was just an awesome week I have zero complaints. It couldnt have gone any better. Well we had an amazing lesson with some just incredible investigators that someone came in at the end and ruined it really bad. They are causing lots of problems but its nothing the Lord cant fix ;) But other than that it was perfect! 
But something that really stood out to me this week was the spirit and following him. That gift is absolutely the 2nd greatest gift our Father has given us (I wanted to say 1st but then he told me the Atonement is 1st ha). But With so many things this week I was able to see the spirit lead me and guide me to bless others. There is nothing that brings me more happiness than that. But it was really cool because really I am not anyone special but the spirit was able to lead us and guide us in what we needed to to with these missionaries. It was super cool and as we were humble and just followed the spirit the fruits were way better than I could have asked for. I got some weird impressions and I was afraid to follow them but when I did I was always blessed. I know that the Lord does lead us and guide us. That if we want to be a tool for him to bless others he will show us how and that as we follow always the guidance of the spirit the fruits will be so much better than anything else we could have done. Anyways I love you all so so much and I hope you look for that in every decision. What would the Lord have me do. I promise as you do you will be blessed and happier than any other way. Anyway have a great week! Love ya peeps :)

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  1. It's exciting and uplifting to read about how things are going for you. I pray every day that you'll be guided and inspired as to where to put your time and attention. Love you and appreciate the kind of missionary that you are.