Monday, February 15, 2016

Man this week has been absolutely insane! So this past week we had a meeting called 3 day. So all of the leaders in the mission came down and we had meeting every day from 8-4. It is mostly pres and his wife giving trainings and some of the other leaders do stuff as well. It was amazing tho (it always is). We learned a lot and definitely got super uplifted. Everyone left feeling super inspired and ready to bless our little sheeps. But it was super fun having all the homies together. I know almost everyone in the mission now so its super fun to see them. Especially the leaders cuz we have been together a long time. O ya and we did a musical number with the president and his wife. It was so cool it was only the second time they have ever done something like that so everyone was shocked and loved it. We practiced at his house for like 45 minutes the night before and it was the best 45 minutes of my life. It was hilarious and we kept messing up and didnt know what to do etc. It was awesome to see them not in their president status. But also we all got to work with different guys too which was really fun. Then after I got to go back to Brownsville for a couple days! It was awesome I got to eat with one of my convert families. They are the missionaries best friends. They are that family that all the missionaries love and go eat there all the time so they are super solid. It made me happy to see that. They will be going to the temple in August so i will be there as well. But it was awesome to back down there I have missed it a lot. Honestly tho this week has been kind of a blur. We have been insanely busy getting all this stuff taken care of. But lots of fun with the peeps and we had some great moments helping out some missionaries. Those are the most rewarding moments in the mission :) But ya thats about it. I hope everyone else had a super good week. Remember to enjoy the little things! Life is crazy and hectic like this last week that i had but it was one of the funnest of my mission. Just look for the good in every moment and choose to be happy always. I love you all, have a great week :)

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