Monday, February 8, 2016

Whats up eryone!

I hope everyone had a great week and stayed warm. I have been freezing in the mornings its been getting down to the 40's ;) haha. The weather down here in the winter is incredible i love it. This past week was a blast. We had a couple baptisms it was incredible. One girl was interested because her friend was always so positive and happy and she wanted to know why. Well she has changed a ton and she feels it now. It has been great to watch her grow as she lives the gospel. The other is the daughter of a reactivated family. It is so cool to see them active and living normal gospel lives again. They are a wonderful family. Being at their baptism was so great and the spirit was very strong. We also had a meeting as a leadership and it was awesome to see the peeps. All the sisters that were in my district are now all leaders and there are lots of new ZL's so it was really fun to see everyone. After we went up to Laredo for a couple days. I have been dying to go up there and it was my 1st time. It was awesome! The atmosphere is really cool and it is exactly like Mexico ha. We had a really good time and went really hard at this soccer court. Ill send a pic it is total video game status, just super cool. Along side a bridge and its a hockey rink with goals and all that. Then we went over to Corpus after and i got to work in my old area! It felt amazing to be back up there i love that place. I got to see my RC family too. One daughter still hasnt gotten baptized but we had a great lesson and she is going down on the day of love! I am super excited!!! The mission has been going great just going around chilling with everyone. My comp is awesome too we are having a really good time together. Things are just wonderful tho. We are super blessed and I couldnt be happier about sharing the gospel with everyone. Joy level off the charts right now! Anyway I love you all so much and I hope that your next week goes better than mine. Good luck (Taken voice) ;) haha take care!

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