Monday, January 25, 2016

Man these weeks just keep flying by. It is the start of my 14th transfer which means i only have 3 left. Anyways this one is going to be even better than all the last ones. My new companion is Elder Ivey and he is a stud. I love the kid a lot I havent really been around him my whole mission so it has been fun getting to know him. I got a new assignment in McAllen and it has been crazy. This last week we were running around everywhere and I almost got to Laredo. I have been everwhere in the mission except Laredo and I have been dying to go up there. We only went up to Zapata but it was really cool. Ill get to go next week tho. Honestly other than that things have been the same. Just keeping busy trying to help my missionaries, investigators, and members. Getting to know a new area always takes a bit but our ward is super awesome here. We have two baptisms in the area I just left tomorrow and we are working for a miracle in our ward as well so that has been fun. It has been super cold down here this week. Its been in the 40's ;) haha. 

I got some time I'll share a little something. This week a couple things have stood out to me a lot. First, the amount of trust that the Lord puts in us. Second, that he really does lead and inspire us in our callings. It is unreal to me to think that the Lord does not do much of the work himself. 99% of the time he does things through others. I know that he does this not because he has to or because it is easier for him. In fact I believe it is a lot harder and takes more effot to do things through others. But I know he does it because he loves us and wants us to grow and become like him. To me that is such a humbling thought. He does not need us for anything. But we all have been blessed with callings by him. He has chosen us to represent him in his work in that calling. He entrusts to us the salvation of his children. He could have anyone do it but he has specifically chosen you for your calling. We all have such a big blessing to learn and grow as we serve in whatever calling he gives us. I know we will be filled with joy as we serve those entrusted to us the best that we can. He will lead and guide us as we do so and all we need to worry about is being worthy and to do his will. I love him and you all so much and I hope that you all magnify your callings. I know that as you do so you will be a tool for the Lord and be able to bless the lives of others and your own as well. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care! :)

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