Monday, January 18, 2016

Alrighty this week has been crazy so im just going to hop into it. First, it was my b day! It was super fun we ate at Dennys and went bowling with the zone. I just a huge mordida (slam a cake in your face). Also i redeemed my last bowling score which was pretty bad so it was nice to get some b day luck ha. Then i had a massive meal with some recent converts it was a blast. Thanks everyone that sent me cards I really appreciate it! Its nice to feel cared about so thanks :) Also we did a zone exchange this week that was crazy. We had a goal in 1.5 days to set 64 baptismal dates with people. With day 1 we only had 20. But people went crazy the next day and we ended up with 69 set. It was a huge miracle and it was great to see the Lord execute his plan to raise everyones faith. We celebrated with a pancake party ha. Also we executed our crazy plan to help our leadership do better. We started our own mission haha. We are now the Mission Texas Mission! We called our DLs as ZLs and called new DLs and STLs and stuff. We made little zones and called an assistant AP (AAP). Anyway it sounds a little apostate but its not legit so its ok. The Lord gave us the plan and we are just going forward with faith trusting that it will work out. We already have seen wonderful results tho so we are excited. Anyway ya its been a crazy week. Doesnt sounds as crazy when you type it out ha but all this stuff has been insane. But ya the mission is still going great. We have lots of great members and investigators right now and we are just running around 24/7. My comp goes home next week so that has been fun keeping him alive. He is doing a good job at minimizing the truncky talk. Anyway i love you all a ton and hope you all have a boss week :) much love

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