Monday, January 11, 2016

My fellow Americans! 

Another week down...time just keeps on going. This week was wonderful tho! So monday we had the other leaders come down and they worked with us it was super fun. Then tuesday we had a meeting and that was amazing as always. Thenwednesday we had interviews which was even better. Ha it was a pretty crazy week with meetings but that means it was a super good one. I love how the gospel gives you so much direction. I have so much to improve and change and it is so fun i love it. So many people here arent working towards anything its super sad to see. Thats why we are here tho :) Anyway the week was awesome we took so many steps forward and got so much work done. Also the Lord gave us some crazy revelation so we are going to apply it and see what happens. Its nuts ill explain next week but we are just moving forward on blind faith ha. Today is my birthday too so thats weird. We all ate breakfast together at Dennys it was fun and we are bowling in a bit then i get a couple parties with members. Members love throwing little parties on down here. Its like service to allow them to do it cuz it makes them so happy. So really im going over there to serve them and make them happy ;) my heart is in the right place ha. But ya we are just moving right along. Lots of progress was made this week and we will be having an insane week this week again we are excited. But i love everyone a ton! Thanks for the b day wishes! :) have a great week

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