Monday, December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad a Todos!

Hey hope everyone had a great Christmas! We had a super fun/crazy week. We had a christmas conference with the entire mission it was awesome! I got to see all of my hommies and peeps that i have been around it was a blast. We got to do some fun stuff too we did skits that were hilarious, ate, opened presents, cosas asi. We had a really good time. Calling home was really fun as well. It was great to see the family and how big the kids have gotten. It is super weird how much everyone has grown! But i am glad everything is going good. Christmas eve we had to go home early and we had a little bro date and opened presents and stuff it was really fun. Thanks everyone for all of the presents! It got some great and needed stuff so thank you all so much it was a great night. Christmas day we had a big ol lunch at a members, called home, visited some peeps, and caroled/gave out gifts. It was super super fun we loved it. We found some insanely humble people and I had a really humble moment. We sang to this guy and gave him some chocolate santas. As we were walking away he called me back and gave me a hug thanking me so much for the gift. He said that he always does things for others but he never receives anything. Just how genuinely thankful and happy that tiny little gift made him. Idk it just hit me hard and was a very great moment. Whats crazy is that i almost didnt give it to him. I was saving it for some kids and he was alone so i wanted to wait till we found some little kids. But i felt like i should so ya. It is so crazy we never know the consequences of our actions. I have rode my bike by so many people and not stopped to talk to them. Who knows how many of those needed me. I think there are so many opportunities we have to really impact the lives of others but that we pass them up. We are supposed to help others always. Obviously we cant do everything but we must learn to become those that serve always and take every little opportunity that we have to serve others. I am not perfect but have changed a ton in that regard and it has made me so happy and I have no idea the impact that it has made on the lives of others. Watch the mormon message "you never know." I am so thankful to be able to serve people 100% of my time. It is such a blessing that I wish never ended but is counting down. But this principle is to be lived for all eternity and i hope that we all can live it. I know that as we do we will be more fulfilled and happy, i feel that everyday. But i love you all so much and hope you have a great new years! Prospero ano y felizidad :)

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  1. Hey son...I hope you got the package we sent. I don't know if you read your own blog or not but hey its 1/11 which means you're 22 today so happy birthday. I'm sure proud of what your doing and the personal growth that you've experienced. Love Dad.