Monday, December 21, 2015

Hey ya'lls

So its been an awesome week. I got transferred which was really sad. I love my zone, apartment, and ward but things are great here as well. I am back serving in Mission just in another area. It is great coming back and seeing all of the peeps. I have seen my recent converts from here and lots of hommies from the ward. They are all super excited for me to be back so we can get some good ball going again haha. Its funny how that is the first thing all the guys brought up. But ya its great. The zone now has 34 missionaries so its like a mega zone ha. They combined two so its really big and spread out. Its super fun tho and everyone is awesome. I love them all so so much and i am excited to get to know everyone more. My new comp is Elder Velez from Sandy Utah. He is a native so thats fun. O ya i am back in spanish now. I havent been in a spanish ward for 6 months now. It is really different! And i have been pounding tortillas :( they are just so dang good haha. But nothing too crazy happened this week i have just been trying to get on top of everything with the change. O ya I got to go take all of the dead people to the airport that was super fun! This transfer my sisters all died so it was great to send them off. I love them all a ton they are great and i am super happy that they all ended so well. Also today my first DL who died in May visited and took us out to breakfast (Ethan Christiansen). I love that kid so much he is such a hommie and it was super fun to see him. He gave me the update of all the mission bros too and its crazy hearing about everyone. They are all doing super good tho so that made me happy. I love the mission it is great :) I still have 1/4 of it left too so i still got lots of time ;) anyway ya things are great and we are still truckin along. Hope everyone has a great Christmas! We will just be going around singing and giving stuff to people. We did it last year and it was the best! But i love you all. Enjoy being together :) See ya

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