Monday, April 4, 2016


Well this week has been super crazy but that has made it incredibly fun! On tuesday we had interviews with Brownsville and then we did them with Mission on Wednesday and McAllen on Thursday. It was nuts we normally wouldnt have started until April but President is knocking them out. It is super nice and they interviews have been amazing. Then on thursday we had the greatest day ever. So from 7-10am we did Mcallen's interviews. Then from 10-1:30 we had our mission zone leader meeting. Then from 1:30-3:30 we had a meeting with all of the leadership in the mission. The meetings were unreal and it was just jam packed so it was awesome. Then at 6 we had a wedding! It was legit we have been teaching just the most preped people ever and they finally got to be married. It was beautiful the ward did everything. I will send pics sometime we forgot our cord today :) but after the wedding we ate. One of our favorite members made food for like 50 people all by himself. He lost his job last week and is super poor but he still made it. He used to own his own restaurant so he is a boss. But then after they got baptized! It was super great and there were a million people there supporting them. It was our first baptism going forward because she had a baby a couple weeks ago. She had a c-section so she couldnt bend back. But ya it was an insane week. And today is general conference!!! i cannot explain how much i love conference! It makes me so incredibly happy so i cannot wait for this next session to start. Anyway its getting going. I love you all so much and have a wonderful conference filled weekend! :)

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