Monday, April 11, 2016


This week has been pretty crazy! Monday we had to drive up to Corpus because we had interviews with them Tuesday morning at 7. That went well we had a really good time. After we got to work with them the rest of the day and I got to see some of my old members and recent converts. It was awesome to be back. Then we went had interviews with another zone wednesday at 7 which were wonderful as well. We again worked with them after for the rest of the day and had a great time. We love going around and working with all the missionaries, its the best! Interviews went great as well. It has been wonderful for the missionaries to learn how to overcome some of the problems that we are seeing and grow. Things have been going very very well. Then we went over to Laredo to work with some other missionaries. It gets repetitive but was great. But ya that was our week we have just been driving from all ends of the mission visiting everyone and helping them out. I love being able to be used as a tool for the Lord. Seeing him use me to bless his sheep is the greatest feeling ever. I dont want it to end but I know coming home it can continue. But ya serving es lo mejor. We just got back Friday afternoon and worked in our area for the first time. It felt great to see all the peeps again. But ya sorry this one is a bit short. Everything is going almost perfectly and we have been super feliz. But I love you all and hope the week is buenisimo! Les amo :)

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