Monday, April 18, 2016

Well what can I say, another amazing week :) actually one of the better ones of the mission. My companion and I have been working super hard to help out the missionaries here. We both feel like we have been serving the Lord wonderfully and doing a great job but for some reason the mission hasnt been performing very well. We had been questioning ourselves "what are we doing wrong"and things like that. We are always super happy and love the work but at moments just felt a little lost. Well I know that the Savior is well aware of his children and their needs. I know that he loves us and will always help us out. The Lord really lifted us up this last week. We had our apartment inspected by the main office couple and they talked to us about lots of different things. They talked about the parable of the 3 dirts and how we all of dirt (emotional, physical, and spiritual) and how we are continually having to clean. Well they really helped us to see what the Lord is using us for and our purpose right now in our calling. It was amazing to see how the Lord is using us and it gave us so much excitement to be even better for him. Then we had our interviews with president and they were incredible! I always learn so much from that man he is the greatest and he helped us a ton. We missed the sacrament because of our interview so we asked if we could take it. So the 1st councilor of the stake presidency and a couple young men helped us out. But what was really cool was afterward as we were leaving he stopped and turned around and shared some things with us about what he sees in us. After my comp and I just talked a little bit and how the Lord has lifted us so much recently. Well during the week we saw lots of other things and right now we are feeling great. We know it wont last but the Lord is really helping us see who we are and our purpose and it has just been incredible. I love him :) 

Anyway during the week we got to travel around all the mission had have little meetings. Then we went to Laredo on Thursday for interviews and they went super well. The zones up there are great and we all learned so much from the spirit. Then we did some exchanges and came back friday. We havent touched our area all week which has been sad but we got to stop by our amazing investigator families and recent convert. They fed us and just being with them is the best. The Lord has blessed us with just the greatest people that we really dont deserve. But i am so thankful for the opportunity to be their missionaries! I love them :) Anyway things are great, i am insanely happy and the mission is just perfect. O ya and transfers are next week which means i start my final one here in a couple days...sad stuff. Anyway i love you all and hope you have a great week. Look for all the little blessings the Lord gives you, I promise they are everywhere and you will see it as your look for them. Have a great week :)

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