Monday, May 2, 2016

Hey so I have to be quick but this week was awesome! 

So to start off...Elder Holland came to our mission!!! We had to keep it quite but ya. It was so cool to meet him and interact with him a bit. Idk just seeing him was awesome he is the greatest man and everyones favorite ha. He was definitely very intense with us but he did nothing but compliment us as missionaries and our mission. It was the coolest experience i will definitely never forget it. He came with Elder Robbins who is amazing as well. 

After I went to Corpus and worked up there for a couple days. It was a blast it could not have been a better trip we loved it. Then I came back and we went to Brownsville. I stayed and worked in McAllen but we had to go to Brownsville a couple times. Then on Friday we had to go to Corpus again because my son in the mission Elder Garlitz got hit by a car a awhile ago and we needed to get the police report. It was super fun to hangout with him again and talk about old times. I love that kid. Then we got back last night and ya. It has been super fun. We have been in our area a lot this week too so that has been nice. We have so many amazing families right now we both feel so blessed. But ya things are great! Sorry its short but I just wanted to make you all jealous with Elder Holland coming ;) have a great week!

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