Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another week down!

Well I got to make this one quick but it was an amazing week. We did a couple awesome exchanges! They both were super fun and we got to stay in our area so that was nice. For one of them I was with a superstar and it just happened to be our ward mothers day party and he put on a show it was incredible! But ya we had another good hard working week and got a lot done. It was a lot of week of reflection as well and we learned a lot. But ya things are going great with our investigators and the missionaries and everything. For mothers day we drove up to Laredo then I came back and called home which was fun. Then we just drove around and sang to as many mothers as possible before going home. It was fun! And ya calling home was super great to see everyone. It is crazy the differences in two years! But another wonderful week! Hope you mothers had a great day :) Love you

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