Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bueno! :)

Man I had another insane and awesome week! This week we had a meeting called 3 day. So tuesday-thursday all the leadership met together with president from 8-4. Then after we went and worked together in our areas. It was super fun! 3 day is always a blast because you get to see all of your peeps and it is always an incredible meeting. Our mission president is amazing I love him so much. As well it was our last 3 day with him and obviously my last as well. I got to bear my dying testimony to everyone and it was wonderful. As well we had a very epic ending because it was the last one. It couldnt have been better! 

After we went on an exchange up in Laredo. It was super good I got to work with one of my former companions elder Chamberlin and we had a really good time together. I love that kid so much he is wonderful. We did lots of service including helping a guy unload a ton of stuff for his place at the flee market (he had trailers full) and we helped a poor struggling family with the help of habitat for humanity which I used to raise money for them so that was cool. But ya it was just an amazing week as always. It is shocking to me that I only have two more weeks left. It still hasnt hit and I dont feel any different but I know at sometime it will hit me hard. Anyway I am just enjoying the mission more than I ever have and using my time the best that I can. 

Serving the Lord is the greatest. I am so excited to come home and continue to serve him in different capacities. It is going to be wonderful. But I love you all so much and I hope you have amazing weeks :)

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