Saturday, May 21, 2016


I am trying to get my Wyoming lingo back ha. You might think "what are you talking about your serving in Texas?" Well actually I am not serving in Texas I am serving in Mexico so got lots of weird things about me now. Ha anyway this week was another incredible one! To start off on monday we went and got the marriage license for a family that we are teaching! They are the best we love them muchisimo! It was super fun we got some ice cream after and went shopping for our party later that night and ya. It was a super fun time they are the best. I also went on an exchange to Sinton zone and I went to the farthest northern part of the mission. It was 4 hours away from McAllen and we had an amazing time up there. I also went on another exchange to Mission zone and again it was wonderful. I love going and working with the missionaries and blessing their lives. Lets see what else...well there have been some massive rainstorms and lots of flooding. We had to send everyone home for awhile so it was pretty intense. But the crowning point of the week was the wedding last night! It was absolutely incredible. Everything came together super well and it was perfect. they looked incredible as well and seeing how happy they were it was just great. Never have I seen them so happy and we feel super blessed to have taught and help them get to this point. The wife Nuria pulled us aside at the end and told us that he always said that he would never get married again. And then she was all "look at him now" haha. We laughed it was hilarious the way she said it. But she thanked us and it is so cool to see how the Lord really can change us and our hearts. They will be getting baptized on Sunday so that will be super wonderful! But ya that was the week. They just keep on getting better! I got one more left so we will see what happens but ya. Anyway I love you all so much and I am insanely excited to see you all again. It has been so long! I want to apologize in advance I know I will be weird and maybe not what you are expecting from me but...its what the Lord did to me so get over it ;) haha love you and have a great week! 

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